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Make yourself a cigarette, fix yourself a drink

♥ And I will charm, I will slice, I will dazzle them with my wit ♥

♥ cherry blossom girl ♥


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sittingcinnabohemian artist type. my pieces hang in galleries and homes locally. lover of music, fashion, art, literature, cats, ect. obsessive collector of things cute and/or hello kitty. occasionally morbid. often surreal. hates penguins and green cups. anything else you want to know you can ask me. :)

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i am the mod for the community deathoftheday and spooky_films

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radiohead, bjork, travis, doves, ryan adams, blur, belle and sebastian, the beatles, simon and garfunkle, iamx, death from above 1979, the who, cat stevens, pavement, the thrills, phoenix, sufjan stevens, 311, beck, death cab for cutie, the postal service, junior senior, justice, mc chris, the ting tings, pnau, ladyhawke, kaiser chiefs, dirty pretty things, robots in disguise, fiona apple, beastie boys, coldplay, the stone roses, cibo matto, richard ashcroft, jeff buckley, british sea power, bat for lashes, mystery jets, the velvet underground, gary numan, david bowie, alice in chains, the white stripes, teddybears sthlm, sloan, bloc party, razorlight, blondie, the libertines, babyshambles, the rolling stones, the kinks, the magic numbers, stereophonics, muse, the charlatans uk, jarvis cocker, relaxed muscle, unkle, dj shadow, zero 7, pulp, graham coxon, supergrass, spoon, badly drawn boy, miho hatori, sean lennon, luscious jackson, modest mouse, the killers, the strokes, i am kloot, maximo park, the pipettes, the frames, the rakes, broken social scene, kings of convenience, we are scientists, editors, MGMT, designer drugs, simian mobile disco, i love you but i've chosen darkness, the kooks, clap your hands say yeah, clor, cazals, syd barrett, james lavelle, elliott smith, klaxons, cut copy, the knife, heartsrevolution, nick drake,franz ferdinand, stellastarr*, nine inch nails, the arcade fire, snow patrol, the decemberists, the sugarcubes, the posies, john lennon, tom petty,the pixies, deadbeat descendent

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~*~the weather where i live~*~

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air, alan cumming, alcohol, alejandro jodorowsky, alice in chains, amélie, andy warhol, anna sui, anthony bourdain, art, asian horror, bat for lashes, beastie boys, beetlejuice, belle & sebastian, björk, breakfast at tiffany's, buddhism, bunnies, calamari, cansei de ser sexy, cat stevens, cats, cherry blossoms, christopher walken, chuck palahniuk, cibo matto, cinnamoroll, death from above 1979, dj shadow, does it offend you, donnie darko, doves, dreams, edie sedgwick, editors, edward gorey, electro, elliott smith, empire of the sun, england, english literature, fashion, fear and loathing, fiona apple, france, french electro, gary numan, graham greene, green tea ice cream, hamish macbeth, harold and maude, harry potter, hating christmas, hello kitty, hunter s. thompson, iamx, indie, jamie oliver, jarvis cocker, jeff buckley, jem and the holograms, john lennon, justice, karaoke, kawaii, keith richards, kissing, kitties, kuromi, lady gaga, ladyhawke, lykke li, max, maximo park, mgmt, miho hatori, mods, music, my melody, nico, night time, nine inch nails, nouvelle vague, painting, pajamas, paul frank, pavement, phoenix, photography, pinky:st, project runway, pulp, quentin tarantino, rabbits, radiohead, reading, reality bites, rene ricard, richard adams, richard ashcroft, robert carlyle, robots in disguise, ryan adams, san-x, sanrio, santogold, scandinavia, sean lennon, sex, singing, sleeping, smurfs, snow, socialism, sofia coppola, stanley donwood, sufjan stevens, surrealism, sushi, sylvia plath, tadanobu asano, taoism, tea, the beatles, the graduate, the karate kid, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the ocean, the rakes, the who, therapy, thom yorke, tibet, tim burton, tokidoki, trainspotting, travis, trollologist, u2, uffie, unkle, vampire squid from hell, velvet underground, water, watership down, wes anderson, yoko ono, zero 7